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Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges

When someone accuses you of domestic violence, you need to be sure you are acting in your defense immediately. Even an accusation can damage your reputation and relationships, so it is vital that you do everything in your power to dismiss, reduce or beat your charges. Thankfully, with the help of an experienced Indianapolis criminal defense attorney, you can pursue that goal.

At Joel Hand Law, I take the time to develop personalized strategies for defending clients throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana area against criminal charges. I am here to help you defend against your charges and the consequences that come with it.

Understanding What Orders You May Be Facing

With domestic violence charges, the accused is often subject to one of several different types of orders. While these orders are all meant to protect a victim, they can also inhibit your life in many ways. After your charges, you may be dealing with orders like:

  • No-contact orders – These orders are typically the result of criminal charges, and these court-ordered mandates automatically restrict the accused from contacting the accuser in any way during the legal process of their case.
  • Civil protective orders – These orders are often started by victims seeking legal protection against harassment, violence or threats from the accused and limit the contact they can share.
  • Stay-away orders – Commonly issued as a condition of probation or bail, these orders can include a wide array of mandates that force individuals to stay a certain distance away from someone.

One of the keys to avoiding these orders or minimizing the time you have with one is building a strong defense against your charges. If you have no prior history of domestic violence, I can help you seek a pretrial diversion to dismiss the charges in exchange for attending classes and/or counseling.

When A Child Is Involved: Department Of Child Services Proceedings

The Department of Child Services often gets involved in domestic violence cases involving children. They  can issue their own sets of orders through a Child In Need Of Services (CHINS) proceeding. This is a family law proceeding – not criminal.

If law enforcement or the DCS is notified that a child has been subjected to possible abuse or neglect (even if the abuse is not targeted at the child), that can prompt a CHINS proceeding. The court can issue a civil protective order against a parent and can also restrict parenting time.

Leave Your Defense In Good Hands

If you are facing criminal charges for domestic violence, make sure your lawyer is prepared to defend you against the full consequences of what is at stake in your case. To meet with an attorney you can depend on, call me at 317-982-6060 or email me here for your free initial consultation today.