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Defending Against Your OWI Charges

Whether you call it DUI or DWI charges, OWI charges can have considerable consequences. It does not matter if you were driving a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, moped, jet ski or even a bicycle; if you are convicted for these offenses, even for the first time, you can experience a lifetime of complications and difficulties as a result.

At Joel Hand Law, I fight to defend my clients against their OWI charges. I understand the consequences that an Indiana courtroom can impose on you if convicted, and I fight tirelessly to help my clients pursue the optimal outcome in their case, by any means necessary.

The Benefit Of Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the ways I help build defense strategies for my clients is by helping them into a substance abuse treatment program. These programs are an excellent way of showing you are serious about your charges and preventing them from happening in the future.

Penalties Of An OWI

Depending on the details of your case, you can expect to face certain consequences. For example, while you technically have the right to refuse a blood or breath testing when you are pulled over, doing so results in a mandatory license suspension of one year or more – two years if you have a prior OWI conviction. Additionally, if you refuse these tests, you are not eligible for specialized driving privileges, such as driving yourself to and from work.

You do have the right, however, to refuse field sobriety testing without consequences in Indiana.

The consequence of a first offense for an OWI includes a fines and jail time – but there are also collateral consequences. If you are facing OWI charges with a prior conviction already on record, you are facing a mandatory minimum sentence of at least five days in jail or 240 hours of community service.

Attorney Joel D. Hand has a unique understanding of OWI charges in Indiana. He has provided training to law enforcement officers and prosecutors on standardized field sobriety testing, drug recognition, crash reconstruction, and more.

Let Me Fight For You

It can feel like there is no defense against these charges and the best thing to do is to hope for a plea deal. Instead of settling for less in your case, let me handle your defense. From seeking specialized driving privileges to beating your charges to uncovering the errors that officers made during their investigation, let me be the lawyer that explores all available options for defending you against your OWI case.

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